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Starlight Storytime: A New Feature for Teachers and Students

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Over the last four or five weeks, I have been working on "Starlight Storytime", a brand new feature for teachers and students who use Lightstone Publishers "Starlight Graded English Readers". Have you ever wondered how to read a "wordless" storybook? Listen to the first four readers of Level 1 to find out! In addition to reading the story out loud to music, the videos include questions, story-prompts and vocabulary words to help both teachers and students better understand the material. Be sure to check out "Starlight Storytime" here on my website (above) as well as @starlightgradedenglishreaders on Instagram. Do remember that there is no "one" way to read a story. Make sure you add your own creative touches to story time with your students!

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