The Adventures of Munna Man and Baby Lady

Daliya and Anniyah are two regular kids who live with their parents in a house in the woods in snowy New York state. Once a year, they travel with their mother halfway across the world to their other home, Pakistan. There, armed with secret identities as well as a secret language of mixed up Urdu-English words, Daliya and Anniyah are pirate-hustling, dakoo-busting, punch-thrusting crime fighters. Join Munna Man and Baby Lady on their adventures as they and their friends solve cases and fight crime.

Sisters Daliya and Anniyah have no idea what’s in store for them when they meet pint-sized bully Tinnay Mian on a flight from New York to Karachi. All of a sudden, they have special powers that transform them into the superheroes Munna Man and Baby Lady. Not long after, their new-found gift is put to the test when they and their friends are lured on a treasure hunt that traps them in a sweet and sticky mess.

Who knew that a love of books could land Daliya and Anniyah into trouble? The sisters’ second adventure begins in the most unlikely of places—a library. Join them and their friends as they help meek librarian Mrs Pehlwan figure out why Karachi’s books just aren’t the same. With the assistance of Professor-Uncle, the kindly fisherman, and their family, the girls’ quest for answers takes them to the high seas.

The fine ladies of the Big City are in a tizzy. Why does their jewellery keep disappearing? The problem really hits home when Daliya and Anniyah’s own mother discovers her trinkets have been stolen. The girls’ investigation takes them all over, from Hirapheri Jewellers in Saddar to the fanciest houses of Karachi. This time it looks like Daliya and Anniyah are really stumped. Where are Munna Man and Baby Lady when you need them the most?

Daliya and Anniyah’s peaceful trip to Nana and Nani’s farm in Islamabad turns into madness when there is a mysterious art theft at the local gallery where their aunt works. Famous miniature painter Javaid and his twins are distraught when his paintings – and his wife – disappear. The mystery thickens – like a pot of bubbling halwa – when a strange and very hungry neighbour moves in across the road. Munna man and Baby Lady race against time to save the twins’ mother and recover those ‘mini’ paintings before the madness takes over altogether.

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