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Oxford International Early Years Activity Books 1-3

Almost two years ago, I wrote about how nervous I was to begin a collaborative project that involved working with other writers and editors on an early years educational program. I just received the first three books of the six-book series this week. I am beyond thrilled with the way the “Oxford International Early Years Activity Books” have turned out. My fellow authors for Science and Math, Deborah Roberts, Elizabeth Gibbs, Jayne Carter and Susan Cowley were all amazing to work with. I was the “language” person and had the exciting task of creating our characters — Ms Zara, the teacher, along with her little students Rani, Maya, Tarek, Gibran, Fiona and Sam, and their classroom mascot, Hoppy the Hoopoe bird! Artist Ana Sebastian and Q2A Media brought my art briefs to life. I am immensely grateful to have been a part of this collaboration. Thank you to Julie Lehoux and the great team at @oxunipress !

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